The Google Play Store plays host to hundreds and thousands of app. While that is great, zeroing in on the app that suits you best can be a huge chore. Add to that the different eBook types out there based on the file format they support. That complicates the whole process even further.

However, with the right app installed, any device can serve as an eBook reader. Mentioned here are some of the best eBook reader apps that can make reading your favorite eBook a truly pleasurable experience.

  1. Librera Reader Pro

It’s a lightweight eBook reading app that comes free, with no annoying ads popping up either. It offers a lot of customization options too and supports almost all known eBook formats out there. Specify once which formats to include and the folders it should scan, and you will have a self-maintaining library at your disposal. There is a thumbnail cover for each document along with a detailed description to help you get started easily.

There is support for annotations as well as bookmarks, both of the fixed and movable types. Then there are day and night modes too