Best Twitter Downloader with their countless features and attractive website links. Name your favorite format; it’s available in over 100 video formats including high-definition (HD), standard definition, and re-mastered. Supports most Operating systems. Itubego is a fantastic software which helps you easily and smoothly download YouTube playlist. Windows, Mac, Linux, and android. Itubego was rated best free program for internet video playback.

Managing Youtube Playlist at the same time

This Youtube downloader  enables faster downloading speed and unlimited number of YouTube plays by providing direct URLs to the video files on your device. You don’t have to open separate apps for each file; just one application will take care of everything for you. Advanced options allow you to choose between download speed and bandwidth. You can also manage multiple YouTube playlists at the same time.

Itubego has an excellent option to manage your saved videos. You can switch from creating new plays to updating and managing your saved videos. With the innovative photo editing features, it is also possible to edit your video while uploading them. Advanced video loading options enable fast and error-free video downloading.

The Windows Mobile YouTube Playlist Downloader

Windows Mobile YouTube Playlist Downloader: Windows Mobile YouTube Playlist Downloader is a wonderful software designed specifically for Windows Mobile devices. It supports most Windows Mobile handsets including Nokia E71