Prime Day has arrived. That means, in addition to discounts on thousands of other items, you can find the best prices of the year on Amazon devices. If you’ve been meaning to do more reading, you may want to pick up a Kindle while they’re on sale. Don’t delay, though, because many of them are already back-ordered.

Best Kindle Deals for Prime Day

I recommend the Kindle Paperwhite as the best of the lineup. It has nearly all of the features of the Oasis, but for a fraction of the price.

They all connect you to millions of digital books and magazines. They can go weeks between charges. The glare-free e-ink display is more like paper than a phone or tablet, so reading in direct sunlight is no problem.

This latest-model standard Kindle has 4GB of storage and a screen resolution of 167 pixels per inch. The Paperwhite has 8GB of storage (upgradeable to 32), a 300 ppi display, and is waterproof. And since it’s only $20 more right now, it may well be worth it for those features. Up to you.

The links above go to the ad-supported versions of the devices. That just means when you’re not using your Kindle, it’ll display an ad for a book Amazon thinks you’ll like. They’re pretty non-intrusive, but if you’d prefer an ad-free experience you can either opt for the slightly more expensive ad-free model, or pay to have them removed later.