Deb Alderson, GTL

Deb Alderson, GTL

Deb Alderson is on a mission to improve her own industry as she leads GTL from the CEO suite.

Alderson, who spent decades in government contracting, has been at the helm of the communications technology firm for nearly 2 years, working to drive down costs, double down on efforts to connect incarcerated individuals with family and friends on the outside, and create a safer environment for law enforcement by leveraging the company’s proprietary technology solutions. 

While one of Alderson’s focuses is slashing costs for the company, there are some areas where she has chosen to have GTL absorb costs when it serves a greater purpose.

“Our mission is to drive change to make this a better industry,” Alderson said. “To be able to lead a company where we can offer out free content, free phone calls, free messaging, free video visitation and really demonstrate that we can be a good corporate citizen is wonderful. Nothing gets me more excited.”

As the world navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, GTL made strides in offering more of its services free of charge, ensuring permanent access to at least weekly connections between individuals on the outside with loved ones on the inside. The company provided more than 50 million free calls, millions of